Intervju med Tabitha James Kraan
18 Sep 2019 | Postet av usaliv

Intervju med Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan er grunnleggeren av det økologiske hårpleiemerket med samme navn. Hun er en britisk frisør som ønsket seg profesjonell OG økologisk hårpleie. To fluer i en smekk. Det endte med at hun måtte lage det selv.

Her er et utdrag av et intervju med Tabitha selv. På originalspråket - engelsk - men vi kan oversette det om det er ønskelig.

Please tell us about yourself and your background?

I am the original UK organic hair pioneer and have been delivering my brand of conscious hairdressing at my organic hair salons in the United Kingdom since 1999.  I have recently pioneered a professional, organic hair care range, which is certified by the Soil Association (Cosmos Organic).

I am a passionate public speaker, blogger and influencer in the natural beauty sector. In my own words, I am a "Hair Geek”, a passionate naturalist, environmentalist, animal lover and all round organic guru.

Please tell us more about your brand. What does the brand stand for and how did it come about?

Tabitha James Kraan High Performance Hair Organics was developed over an extensive period of time for my organic hair salons in the UK. 

We officially launched our hair care brand in 2015 at the Natural & Organic Products (Europe) exhibition, in London Excel. 

Early on in my career, I discovered that hair performs best, when it is Nurtured by Nature, but I was unable to source the professional organic hair care, which I knew would perform to salon standard, whilst being 100% natural (and organic). When a product is truly natural it enhances us, rebalances us, feeds our body, in a way that a product that is predominately synthetically chemical with some added organic and natural ingredients can’t.  For us being “Nurtured by Nature” is the essence of how our range works so well. 

I am passionate about the environment and all of its inhabitants and driven by the needs of the innocent animals especially those in the oceans. 

“It just is not acceptable for the cosmetics industries to pollute on the mass scale that they have historically. I know it can be different and it is time for us all to take responsibility and make that change”.

We are one of the few hair care brands in the world that are both professional and certified organic under the international Cosmos Organic accreditation. My philosophy and core principles form a unique new way of thinking about hair and scalp health.

What is your vision?

To create a truly 100% natural & sustainable high performing hair care and to educate users on the advantage of the health benefits to their scalp, resulting in hair which is full of life, guilt-free.  I know we don’t need to compromise to achieve beautiful hair safely for us and for the planet.

Creating a brand which takes initiatives a step further. We want to create intentional actions to positively impact not only the business, but the community, oceans, air and planet at large. We want to connect you and inform you of our initiatives, from reduced packaging to ingredient transparency to environmental philanthropy.

Please tell us more about your product lines and your different products?

Hair that is treated to the Tabitha James Kraan formula has natural shine and lustre, vibrant colour, smells amazing, blow dries effectively, and stays looking good for days.

The range is already being recognised by the industry, having won multiple awards, including International Beauty Awards, Janey Lee Grace Platinum awards, Beauty Shortlist awards, Green Parent Beauty Awards, Eluxe Magazine awards, and many more.

The range comprises:

Scented Organic Hair Oil

A little pot of gold opulence; a big hug for your hair

  • A nutrient-rich and gloriously scented hair oil, to be used as a pre-wash treatment, to varnish, nourish and seal in moisture
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, it is easily absorbed and delivers a profound shine
  • Protects and increases moisture balance naturally
  • 100% Natural of which 99% Certified Organic Ingredients

Clean Shampoos: Amber Rose & Golden Citrus

For hair that has lost its life and lacks lustre

  • The perfect introduction to natural shampoo, its rich and gentle lather will detox your previous products
  • Pure, clean, rich formulation that leave the hair nourished and moisturised
  • A professional formulation that exceeds the expectations of Natural shampoo
  • 100% Natural of which over 73% Certified Organic Ingredients 

Clean Conditioners: Amber Rose & Golden Citrus

For hair that needs extra moisture & loves to be glossy, smooth and shiny

  • This is a deep shot of moisture that hits the spot and stays there
  • It’s an extremely pure formulation for such an effective professional product
  • This is a rinse off conditioning mask and should be applied to any dry/dehydrated areas for maximum moisturising
  • 100% Natural of which 85% Soil association/cosmos Certified Organic Ingredients

Organic Dry Shampoos: Fair & Dark

The don’t-leave-home-without-it cleanser that the world’s been waiting for

  • Cleanses and restores natural beauty and body, soothes the scalp, and smells delightfully fresh
  • Counteracts oily roots by absorbing the natural oils for an effective dry clean
  • Can be used as a styling product, layer for maximum volume
  • 100% Natural of which 90% Certified Organic Ingredients

Your best hair care tips?

If you can create the time every day, your hair & scalp would benefit greatly from regular brushing. When you brush your hair from roots to tips (100 strokes a day) you effectively distribute the natural oil your scalp produces throughout your hair, as the brush carries the oil and evenly distributes it.

The two main benefits of this ritual you will realise is that your scalp will feel less greasy/oily and your hair is nourished & you will increase blood flow tot he scalp encouraging healthy hair growth.

What are the main reasons for damaged hair?

The biggest single contributing factor to damaged hair, apart from harsh chemical treatments like colouring, straightening and perming, is the fact that most shampoo’s contain harsh synthetic detergents, which strip all natural produced oils out of the hair & scalp. The natural oil is the acid mantle that is the protection for each hair strand, It is what keeps hair happy and balanced.  Removing it just makes hair angry and badly behaved (think dry & spilt ends, frizzy fly-away and dry, flaky scalp)

What are the biggest mistakes we make with our hair?

Over washing, over washing, over washing

Fra Tabitha James Kraan har vi økologisk sjampo, balsam, hårolje og tørrsjampo. Se hele utvalget i nettbutikken her.

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